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The Dog Training and Care Book with all the Info You Need

Get all the dog info you need, whether you’re working on crate training an older dog or wondering if you should be using pee pads to train your new puppy. Learning about your dog’s behavior is the key to living happily with your pet – from puppy behaviors like nipping and biting, to understanding your dogs communication style.

One of the best books about dog training out today!

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Training DVD Included!
Includes a training DVD where you’ll see how a trained dog, a puppy, and an older dog-in-training behave while they are taught obedience tricks for dogs. If you’re troubled by your dog’s behavior, and  if you’ve ever thought, “My dog could never do that,” you’ll see how a few simple steps can make a big difference in your pet’s behavior.

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Real Reader Reviews

This book is awesome. It covers all the basic issues and questions that most dog owners would have, from training….to behavior modification….to understanding the doggie world. It’s well organized … well written….and easy to understand. Obviously created by dog experts, who care. Interesting stories, good pictures . Quite extensive. The dvd (included) is a excellent extension of the written format. Either the book or the dvd, alone, would be worth the price on their own. This whole book is a much-needed addition to the field of dog training and care. The overall best I’ve seen.
 – Mary McBride @amazon.com

It’s clear; it’s practical; it’s realistic! From choosing a dog to training a dog to appreciating the views and instincts of the new member of your family, this is a great resource. The techniques are practical, clearly demonstrated and they work! I recommend it highly for new and not-so-new dog owners.
-May @ amazon.com 

What’s Inside?

When we say that this is one of the most comprehensive books about dogs, we’re not kidding. Written by experts who work with thousands of dogs every year, inside the book you will find helpful tips, tricks and techniques for loving the cat you live with.

  • Communicating with and Understanding your dog
  • Learn the stages of your puppy’s development
  • Selecting a puppy and how to adopt a dog
  • Housetraining a puppy
  • Basic commands and how to teach dog tricks
  • Adopting an older dog
  • The basics of caring for your Dog, including what a dog eats
  •  Introducing your child to a puppy, or introducing your dog to a baby
  • Solving Behavior Issues— like dogs jumping, puppies chewing furniture, stopping your dog from getting up on the counter, helping your dog with fear and anxiety, and much, much more!

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