For Love of Cats

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The Book with all the Cat Information You Need

For Love of Cats Book Cover From selecting toys for a cat to dealing with cat scratching, litter box issues and cat behavior, this helpful handbook guides you through understanding your cat. There’s discussion of cat talk and communication (yes, many of them talk and chirp) to understanding why a cat isn’t using their litter box. Just knowing more about your cat’s personality can create a bond that lasts forever.

Practical matters are addressed, such as how to introduce your cat to a new baby or how to deal with moving your cat to a new home. And what about the Christmas tree, the kitchen counters and cat carriers? For Love of Cats gives you solutions to these common problems.

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Praise for the Book

FOR THE LOVE OF CATS: A HANDS-ON JOURNEY covers all the basics of cat care and is the perfect primer for the new potential owner. From selecting a cat or kitten and understanding their care to problem-solving and blending a cat or kitten into a home, this comes from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and covers everything from scratching and nocturnal activities to toys and cat communication processes. A ‘must’ for any newcomer to cats who would contemplate what’s involved in owning one.
Midwest Book Review—Internet Bookwatch: February 2013

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Finally! Get answers to some of the most common Cat questions:

  • Should I get a cat?
  • What do cats eat?
  • How can I understand my cat’s personality?
  • How well do they get along well with other pets?
  • Is it true you can train a cat?

What’s Inside?

When we say that this is one of the most comprehensive books about cats, we’re not kidding. Written by experts who work with thousands of cats every year, inside the book you will find helpful tips, tricks and techniques for loving the cat you live with.

  • Choosing the Right Cat or Kitten for You
  • The Truth About Shelter Cats
  • Creating Bonds with You or other Animals
  • Bringing Your New Cat or Kitten Home
  • Choosing a Veterinarian
  • Introducing a New Cat to Other Pets
  • Litter Training
  • Addressing Your Kitten’s Wild Play
  • Scratching
  • Cat Toys and How to Use Them
  • Solving Problems with Cat Sleeping Habits
  • The Fearful Cat (Cat Behaviors and Managing Fear)
  • Cat Communication
  • Natural Aversives for Cats
  • Keeping Your Cat Safe
  • Dealing with Free Roaming Cats
  • Dealing with Aggression
  • Enrichment for Cats
  • Living with Special Needs Cats
  • Clicker Training Your Cat
  • Cat Body Language

Plus more topics like: Cats and Babies, Moving to a New Home with you Cat, Cats and Christmas Trees, Leaving your cat home alone, Grooming your Cat, Giving Your Cat a Pill, Dangers around the House, Cats and Counters, Carriers and Traveling with Your Cat, Grieving Cats, Myths about Cats

Look Inside the Book:

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