The only dog and cat books you’ll need about cat and dog behavior…

There’s more to owning or adopting a pet than bringing your new friend home.

From experienced to first time pet owners, adopting a dog or cat can be an experience filled with questions. What do cats eat? What do I need to know about dog training and behavior? Should I get a cat? What do I do if my cat isn’t using the litter box?

From the pet experts at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, there’s something in these books for every pet owner – or anyone thinking about becoming one! With two hands-on guides, the staff of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc.™ walk you through choosing your pet and the ups and downs of pet ownership. From canine communication and cat talk to dog obedience training and cat behavior, there are hundreds of pet training tips for every pet owner!

For Love of Dogs

Filled with more than tricks to teach a dog, this book has all the dog info you’ll need to understand your dog’s behavior.

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For Love of Cats

Cat types, cat traits, cat adoption and litter box problems – what you need to know for a new kitten, or current cat.

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